Grip Cement - Natural Rubber Cement

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Natural rubber grip cement is great for regripping. Achieves the same solid adhesion as the more typical double-sided tape and solvent approach. Only NATURAL RUBBER forms the proper vulcanized bond, so this is the rubber cement to use as an alternative to tape and solvent. The proper method for use is as follows: Cover just the butt of the shaft with an inch masking tape. Use ketchup dispenser or the like and pure some rubber cement over the shaft (with no tape on it) and over the masking tape. Dip tip of grip rubber cement to get it started, and slip grip on rapidly. Method does not require any two sided tape or solvent, although some club makers dip the tip of the grip in solvent to get it softened up rapidly before putting grip on shaft. This technique is quicker than spiral wraps of two sided tape + solvent.