Night Golf Economy 36 PlayerTournament

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NIGHT GOLF ECONOMY TOURNAMENT PACKAGE (FOR 36 PLAYERS) When playing with our Glow Flyer golf ball, we recommend you not use drivers or fairway woods. Striking the Glow Flyer golf ball with some drivers and fairway woods may cause damage to the face of the club. Get ready for fun on the fairway at night! Add plenty of glow to your green with our 36 player Glow Flyer Tee Off Package. This all inclusive night golf tournament package comes with: 54 Glow Flyer Golf Balls with 1 green glow stick (replacement sticks are available in a variety of colors) 27” LED Flashing Necklaces for cart decoration (18 pieces) 6” Green Glow sticks (25 pieces) 6” Red Glow sticks (25 pieces) 10” Glow Yardage Markers Assorted colors with ground stakes (25 pieces) 22” Glow Necklaces in a variety of colors (50 pieces) Green Glow Cup Rings (25 pieces) LED Tee Box or Hazard Markers (9 pieces) 14” LED Flag Markers (9 pieces)