LED 12 Inch Yardage Markers 3-Pack

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12'' Multi Color L.E.D. Yardage Markers with Spikes

Having a Night time Golf event? Light the way with our 12" L.E.D. yardage markers. Each 12" Multi Color L.E.D Yardage Marker comes with a spike to easily put in the ground. Our light up yardage markers can be set for red, green, blue or go from one color to the next. Light the way to any of your outdoor events or parties with bright multi color L.E.D.'s.

Our 12" Multi Color LED Yardage Markers with Spikes are easy to place in the ground. Use as a yardage marker for nighttime golf or to line walk ways and entrances

Each 12" Multi Color LED Yardage Markers with Spikes has 7 different light functions and 3 L.E.D.s-- can change from Red to Blue to Green or can be set to create a beautiful rainbow effect. The 12" Multi Color LED Yardage Markers come with 3 AAA batteries which are included, installed and are replaceable.

This item is sold 3 to a set Please order in increments of 1 set which contains 3 lights and 3 spikes.