Golf Professionals

Quick, Reliable Service – We have been promptly and reliably serving our customers since 1934. Today, with strong inventory positions in warehouses in NC, NJ, and OH, we continue an over 80 year tradition of staying close to our customers with the products they need. 

Custom Orders – Our talented graphic artists are ready to assist you with your custom orders, making it easy to add your logo or a tournament logo to hundreds of different items.  We are happy to help guide you to an item that fits your budget, timeframe, and vision.

Experienced Sales RepsContact our local sales reps, the best in the industry, for an in-person visit or phone consultation.  

PGA Section Support – For decades we have proudly supported our local PGA Sections, as we believe these organizations most closely benefit our golf professional customers. 

Making Your Job Easier – Golf Max works for you!  We want to be the first company you contact for your golf supply needs.  We have been at this for over 80 years, striving each day to improve.  What we have learned over this time is that our success comes when you are successful, and that happens most often when we simply make your job easier.

Serving Golf Professionals - Golf is a sport we can all enjoy, and we believe it is best serviced by golf professionals and specialty golf retailers who are passionate about the sport. It is that segment of the market that truly adds value to the sport, and it is that segment of the market we are dedicated to servicing.


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